Ofsted report

All aspects of my childminding setting are graded as "Outstanding" or "Good".

Below are summarised extracts from my 2011 Ofsted Report. A full copy of the ofsted report is available on request.

"The extent to which children achieve and enjoy their learning." Outstanding!

 "The extent to which children adopt healthy lifestyles." Outstanding!

"Children are making excellent progress in an environment where learning is appropriate to each individual, varied, stimulating and also great fun!"

"Children thrive in this stimulating family environment where their learning and development are very well supported."

"They benefit from healthy snacks and a nutritious menu."

"The childminder fully supports the many and various benefits of outdoor learning."

"There is a spacious garden for outdoor activities where children learn the wonder of nature."

"Children receive lots of enthusiastic support and encouragement as they play."

"Their progress is well supported by a childminder who instinctively knows how to extend and develop their growing interest and curiosity."